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NewsJaguar Land Rover’s Supercharged V8 Will Live On

Jaguar Land Rover’s Supercharged V8 Will Live On

Powering the likes of the Jaguar F-Type and a number of Range Rovers, the AJ supercharged V8 will now be assembled by JLR

  • Its future was uncertain after Ford announced the closure of the plant where it is assembled.

  • JLR will take over production itself.

The very popular AJ supercharged V8 engine found in many current Jaguar Land Rover products’ future was uncertain when Ford announced that they were going to idle the plant where it’s built. The Bridgend engine plant has assembled the engine since 1996.

The AJ is the supercharged V8 that makes an unmistakable sound, and lots and lots of power. In the last five years, it has produced anywhere between 465- and 592 horsepower depending on model and trim. From the  XJR, the F-Type SVR, the Range Rover Supercharged, and the new Land Rover Defender, there remains an extremely strong demand for the engine.

JLR has just announced, according to, that they will transfer production equipment and potentially a portion of the workforce to the West Midlands. A statement from JLR says: “Manufacture of the JLR-designed V8 petrol engines previously made at Bridgend will move to the JLR Engine Manufacturing Centre, with further detail to be confirmed at a later date.”

Production of the engine is expected to last another three to five years until the EU7 (European Union emissions regulations) standard kick in in a similar timeframe. Afterwhich, JLR will switch over to BMW V8 engines as part of their powertrain deal.


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