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NewsJeep Wagoneer S Set to Offer 600 Horsepower

Jeep Wagoneer S Set to Offer 600 Horsepower

Jeep is launching the electric Wagoneer S, boasting 600HP, to compete with BMW iX, marking a significant step in the brand’s electric transition.


  • Jeep’s Wagoneer S, a 600HP electric SUV, aims to rival BMW iX and Range Rover Sport EV.

  • Initially launching in the US in 2024, Europe will see its release in 2025.

  • The vehicle is part of Jeep’s move towards an all-electric European lineup by 2030.


Jeep is gearing up to introduce its electric contender, the Wagoneer S, designed to compete head-to-head with the likes of the BMW iX or future Range Rover Sport EV in Europe. This 600HP electric SUV represents a significant milestone in Jeep’s journey towards electrification.

Wagoneer S | Photo: Jeep

Primarily targeting US consumers, the premium SUV, stretching 5 meters in length, is also poised to challenge vehicles like the Polestar 3 or Lucid Gravity. The anticipated US launch is set for 2024, with a European rollout, including limited quantities for both left and right-hand-drive markets like the UK, expected in 2025.

Wagoneer S | Photo Jeep

The Wagoneer S, promising an impressive range of approximately 373 miles on a single charge, is set to be the flagship of Jeep’s expanded lineup in the UK. This lineup will feature seven vehicles, including the currently available Jeep Avenger and the soon-to-arrive Jeep Recon in 2025. Furthermore, Jeep’s commitment to electric transition is evident as they plan to offer an all-electric range in Europe by 2030, a vision echoed by CEO Christian Meunier.

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A noteworthy aspect of the Wagoneer S is its foundation on the new STLA Large architecture developed by its parent company Stellantis. This platform will be shared with the much-anticipated Recon, hinting at the vehicle’s robust underpinnings.

Wagoneer S | Photo Jeep

Jeep ensures that the Wagoneer S will not only be powerful, with its 600HP allowing it to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds, but also luxurious. However, specifics about the technology enabling this performance remain under wraps.


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