Wednesday, November 30, 2022
News Magna Developed an Electric Powertrain Specially for pickups and commercial vehicles

Magna Developed an Electric Powertrain Specially for pickups and commercial vehicles

Magna will be able to provide automakers with a new electric powertrain for trucks in 2025

  • Magna is the world’s third auto parts supplier

  • This powertrain consists of two electric axles that incorporate the motors and differential

  • These units can be used in existing designs with minimal changes

Magna International unveiled a new technology called EtelligientForce, an electric powertrain designed specifically for ladder framed trucks and light commercial vehicles.

This system was conceived in order to retain all of the off-road abilities expected of such vehicles, in addition to providing a maximum towing capacity of 14,500lbs. The electric axles will feature the ability to mimic a traditional 4WD system, with greater capabilities than a normal electric AWD setup.

The growing popularity of electric pickup trucks motivated Magna to create a powertrain solution that will be available to manufacturers, a solution that could help smaller automakers bring an electric truck to market quicker due to lower development costs.

Magna Etelligent system | Photo: Magna
Magna Etelligent system | Photo: Magna

This system uses the eBeam axle in the rear and the eDrive unit in the front. The eBeam axle incorporates the motor and the transmission in an assembly that replaces the rear axle in a conventional pickup while keeping the same brakes, suspension and chassis.

This allows for the electrification of an existing truck design at a much lower cost by modifying the least amount of parts possible. Another benefit is the ability to convert an existing combustion engine truck to electric power relatively easily.

This propulsion system will be able to deliver up to 430 kW of power by combining a maximum output of 250 kW from the rear unit and 180 kW from the front unit.

The company expects the EtilligentForce powertrain to become available in 2025. In order to work more closely with American automakers on new products, Magna will also build a brand new EV center at its Troy, Michigan headquarters.

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