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NewsManhart Adds 100+ Horses to Create the BMW X7 that M Wouldn't

Manhart Adds 100+ Horses to Create the BMW X7 that M Wouldn’t

Uber X7 makes 650 hp

  • Tuner turns up wick on the BMW X7

  • Serious cosmetic upgrades to match the power

BMW won’t build an M version of the X7 crossover and the Alpina XB7 doesn’t cut it? German performance tuner Manhart has you covered with its own version of the BMW X7 that puts anything BMW’s M would offer to shame.

The brand’s signature black paint with gold trim is what grabs your attention. The front spoiler is carbon fibre, as is the rear diffuser, plus, seriously? Winglets on the bumper of an SUV? Manhart says absolutely, and then wraps the whole thing in a paintwork and decal scheme that would make Bo Darville trade his 6.6L Pontiac for this 4.4L Teutonic rocketship. with black and gold lace-spoke wheels to match.

Power comes from BMW’s 4.4L biturbo V8, but it’s been tweaked by removing the particulate filters, fitted with a quad-pipe exhaust, and then remapped to go from 530 hp to 650 hp and 679 lb-ft of torque. Catless race downpipes are also offered, but Manhart points out that those are “only for export,” meaning not for road use in countries that care about emissions.

BMW’s air suspension is lowered by 25mm and then retuned by Manhart. New coupling rods help everything work properly with the drop. Somewhat of a surprise, the brakes are the factory BMW parts, though they can change that upon request.

No word on how quick it is, though it’ll for sure be quicker than the BMW X7 M50i. A wide range of interior trim changes are offered, and you don’t have to match this black and gold. Even if you don’t the MHX7 650 will be hard to miss and tough to catch.


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