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News Mazda Unveils the Future of Compact Sports Cars with 'MAZDA ICONIC SP'

Mazda Unveils the Future of Compact Sports Cars with ‘MAZDA ICONIC SP’

Everything about the 'MAZDA ICONIC SP' is perfection

Mazda‘s latest creation, the MAZDA ICONIC SP, is automotive perfection is every regard. From its neck-snapping styling to its three-cheer-worthy powertrain, the ICONIC SP has but one potential flaw: It might not see the light of day in its current form.


Mazda ICONIC SP Concept | Photo: Mazda


Masahiro Moro, Mazda’s Representative Director, President, and CEO emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering vehicles that make cars an indispensable joy in people’s lives. This concept car is not just another addition to the automotive landscape; it’s a statement on the future of compact sports cars, and Mazda knows a thing or RX-seven about sports cars.


The Essence of Driving Joy


The MAZDA ICONIC SP was created for those who find joy in driving. It aims to resonate with customers who have a deep-rooted love for cars and seek a vehicle that encapsulates the sheer pleasure of being behind the wheel. The car is built around Mazda’s core value of “Human Centric” design, aiming to deliver not just the ‘Joy of Driving,’ but also the ‘Joy of Living,’ enhancing the daily experiences of its customers.


Revolutionary Powertrain and Performance


Mazda ICONIC SP Concept | Photo: Mazda


Among the MAZDA ICONIC SP’s many heart-pumping highlights is its two-rotor rotary EV system. This compact powertrain offers a high degree of layout flexibility, allowing the car to maintain a low center of gravity, a key element in delivering superior driving performance. The rotary engine, renowned for its scalability, is capable of burning various fuels, including carbon-neutral options. This engine not only charges the batteries but also generates electricity through carbon-neutral fuel, making the car virtually carbon-neutral when operated with renewable energy. Also, it produces up to 370PS or about 365hp and we hope revs to 9,000 rpm.


The car’s design framework aims for a low center of gravity and boasts a Mazda-like balanced weight distribution of around 50:50, contributing to its excellent driving dynamics. Despite being a sports car, the MAZDA ICONIC SP is versatile enough to supply power during outdoor activities or even in emergency situations.


A Vivid Statement


Mazda ICONIC SP Concept | Photo: Mazda


The exterior of the MAZDA ICONIC SP is adorned with a vibrant concept color known as Viola Red. This hue is more than just eye-catching; it’s a manifestation of Mazda’s corporate philosophy to “enrich life-in-motion for those we serve.” The color was carefully crafted to not only be vivid but to also create a sense of depth that accentuates the car’s form.


Key Specifications


Overall length x width x height (mm)4,180 × 1,850 × 1,150
Wheelbase (mm)2,590
Power-weight ratio3.9
Maximum output (PS)370
Weight (kg)1,450


The MAZDA ICONIC SP is a beacon of hope and a reminder that Mazda has built and can create some of the most appealing sports in history. This concept, everything about it, needs to serve as an inspiration for the return of an RX car.

Mazda ICONIC SP Concept | Photo: Mazda

Mazda ICONIC SP Concept | Photo: Mazda

Mazda ICONIC SP Concept | Photo: Mazda

Mazda ICONIC SP Concept | Photo: Mazda

Mazda ICONIC SP Concept | Photo: Mazda

Mazda ICONIC SP Concept | Photo: Mazda

Mazda ICONIC SP Concept | Photo: Mazda

Mazda ICONIC SP Concept | Photo: Mazda

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