Sunday, December 10, 2023
News Honda Unveils Electric Prelude Concept at Japan Mobility Show 2023

Honda Unveils Electric Prelude Concept at Japan Mobility Show 2023

Honda reintroduces the Prelude as an electric concept, marking the brand’s commitment to electrified sports cars.


  • Honda reveals the electric Prelude concept after over 20 years since its last release.

  • CEO Toshihiro Mibe emphasizes the model’s role in guiding Honda’s electrified future with a sporting spirit.

  • The modern design showcases a sleek two-door coupe silhouette, reminiscent of its predecessors but with updated features.


At the Japan Mobility Show 2023 in Tokyo, Honda surprised attendees with the unveiling of an electric Prelude concept, signaling a revival of their renowned coupe that was last seen over two decades ago. This reintroduction is not merely about bringing back an old favorite; it’s a strategic move to underscore Honda’s dedication to electrified sports cars.

Honda Prelude Concept | Photo : Honda

CEO Toshihiro Mibe highlighted that the term “prelude” signifies an “introductory performance”, positioning this model as a precursor to future vehicles that will embrace Honda’s sports spirit in an electrified era. Mibe expressed that Honda’s legacy of crafting sporty vehicles remains intact, and the Prelude Concept aims to deliver “unparalleled” driving pleasure and “unmatched excitement”.

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While the original Prelude was known for its 200-horsepower inline-four and front-wheel-drive configuration, the new concept presents a contemporary two-door coupe design. Its updated aesthetics, featuring more rounded contours, could draw comparisons to models like the Subaru BRZ or Toyota GR86.

As the car world quickly moves to electric, Honda’s new reveal is a comforting wink to car lovers, showing that the love for sports cars isn’t fading for the Honda brand. Everyone’s now wondering if beloved models like the Type SH will be back too. Naturally, we have no indication as to performance figures, price, or availability.

1988 Honda Prelude Si.

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