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NewsMazda will adopt the NACS standard from 2025 onward

Mazda will adopt the NACS standard from 2025 onward

  • The standard will be deployed on 2025 model year and onwards.

  • The only EV in Mazda’s lineup is the MX-30 crossover.


Mazda is not yet a major player in the electrification of its current fleet. Nonetheless, the brand’s engineers are currently working to correct this, especially in view of the somewhat lagging range of the brand’s one and only EV, the MX-30 crossover.

But, while waiting for reinforcements to arrive, Mazda is at least ensuring that it is compatible with the rest of North America by adopting the NACS (North American Charging Standard), already widely accepted by most other North American-based manufacturers.

The standard was democratized by Tesla, the American automaker that went it alone in the early days, setting its own charging standards.

This strategic decision for the automaker’s North American wing will give owners of Mazda electrified vehicles – let’s not forget the recent CX-90 plug-in hybrid, in addition to the all-electric MX-30 – access to more than 15,000 charging stations in Tesla’s supercharging network.

Without wishing to make any bad puns, let’s just say that current MX-30 owners really need them (those extra charging stations), since Mazda’s only 100% electric vehicle is limited to 161 km (or 100 miles in the US) between recharges, and this distance is possible when weather conditions are optimal.

Let’s hope that future Mazda EVs will offer a greater distance between recharges, even if Tesla’s network currently makes life easier for road users in Canada and the USA.


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