Thursday, January 27, 2022
News Mercedes Teases Mercedes-Maybach EQS, Confirms Electric G-Class Coming

Mercedes Teases Mercedes-Maybach EQS, Confirms Electric G-Class Coming

Benz serious about EVs in all segments

  • Maybach EQS coming with two-tones, electric silence

  • Off-road G-Class EV as soon as 2024

To go along with its companywide electrification announcement yesterday, Mercedes-Benz teased a pair of new electric models in two of its most gas-heavy segments. There will be an electric Maybach SUV and there will be an electric G-Wagon.

“You can look forward to a top-notch EQS SUV version of Mercedes-Maybach, for example,” Mercedes-Benz Marketing & Sales boss Britta Seeger said during the video presentation. Along with those comments, Mercedes-Benz displayed a teaser image of the rear of the electric luxury SUV.

The looks weren’t a large shock, with the typical Mercedes-Maybach two-tone paint, the MM logo, and what looks to be a full-width LED signature rear light. With no more details than that given, expect it to follow the current Mercedes-Maybach formula and apply that to the EQS SUV. Larger wheels, new amenities, and more luxurious trimmings on a new EV platform.

What else? An electric G-Class. The Gelandewagen off-roader turned luxury must-have will be turned electric in the next three years. “In 2024, we will launch our full-electric G-Class as well. It will continue the great story of our G series,” Seeger said.

There wasn’t a tease of the electric G, but since the styling of the G is carved in the same granite used to craft its door hinges, expect the EV model to look exactly the same.

Lastly, the AMG group cars and SUVs will also go electric soon. Seeger said that “these upcoming AMGs will also move boundaries in terms of efficiency and aerodynamics. And there will be so much more to come to make these cars real AMGs in an electric world.”





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