New BMW M8 In Words, Pictures And Sound


Are you starving for BMW M8 details? Images? Sounds? This video released by BMW M will satisfy your craving

BMW M, BMW’s official “M” car channel, has just released a 9:16 video on the new BMW M8, BMW M8 Competition and the seductive BMW M8 Convertible. This is a deep visual and aural dive into BMW’s most powerful car to date

As Wednesday slowly rolls on, this’ll be the best 10 minutes of your day. The first few minutes of the video are dedicated to exploring the physical differences or unique elements of the BMW M8. Quite frankly, it’s all good, as you might expect. The M8 is subtle and visually aggressive enough to let everyone know what this car really is.

There’s a fair amount of time spent on breaking down the interior additions and upgrades for the M8 over the BMW M850i . The big change inside is the “setup” button which replaces the Sport and other drive mode buttons. There are red highlights on all the controls specifically relevant to driving – a nice touch in our opinion.

The better part of the video begins when Timo Glock, BMW Works Driver, shows up in an M8 Convertible. With the presenter as a passenger, he puts the BMW M8 Competition to work.

Consider this video a lesson or class on a subject you actually want to know more about.


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