Thursday, July 7, 2022
News Porsche Built a Concept Minivan to Help Designers Imagine the Next 911

Porsche Built a Concept Minivan to Help Designers Imagine the Next 911

Let designers play and you can reap fascinating results

  • Porsche says two steps forward helps it design the next step

  • Design looks at the day after tomorrow

The latest revealed concept vehicle from Porsche isn’t a faster Taycan or some new GT car. It’s a minivan? This is what the brand thinks the car of the day after tomorrow will look like.

Porsche says that in order for company designers to build the future of the company’s vehicles, sometimes they have to cross boundaries. They boldly add new things to the essence of the brand. In this case, that’s the steering wheel from a current 911 GT car in the center-sitting driver compartment of a futuristic-looking minivan.

It’s called the Renndienst study and it is one of 15 recently published Porsche design studies that the company had not revealed before now. Designed in 2018, the exterior was shown in 2020, but this is the first time we’ve seen the inside of the van that was inspired by VW service vans the team once used.

Asymmetric side windows let the passenger retreat to the side with a sliver of glass, while the other side allows for an unobstructed view to the outside. The first row of seating has two seats offset around the driver, while the rear bench has headrests that float for a better view out the back.

The central driver seat can swivel 180 degrees “with a flick of the wrist” Porsche says. But it will still have five round instruments in the cluster as a sign of Porsche tradition.

It’s all a bit confusing as to why Porsche has done a minivan concept, but the company sums it up like this. “From this grand vision of the day after tomorrow, the design team is now moving backwards in time to get the specific answer for tomorrow.” So your next-gen 911 might have an interior that borrows ideas from here.

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