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NewsPorsche launches new Taycan Turbo GT with 1,092 hp

Porsche launches new Taycan Turbo GT with 1,092 hp

  • Porsche’s factory driver established a new record at Laguna Seca.

  • The first deliveries are expected this spring.


At the unveiling of the new 2025 Porsche Taycan a few weeks ago, the German automaker once again pushed the boundaries of physics with a Turbo S variant that was more powerful than ever. With 938 hp and an acceleration time to 100 km/h of 2.4 seconds, this new electric bombshell was already doing a lot for electron-powered performance enthusiasts.

The new 2025 Porsche Taycan Turbo GT recorded a new record at Laguna Seca | Photo: Porsche

But, with the numerous spy shots of this even more dynamic Taycan in the works, it was clear that Porsche had one last surprise for thrill-seekers. The new Taycan Turbo GT tops the Taycan Turbo S with an even more breathtaking time of 2.2 seconds (with the optional Weissach package) to reach the legal limit on our roads. The “regular” Turbo GT reaches 100 km/h in 2.3 seconds. The 0-60 mph time is 2.2 seconds or 2.1 with the Weissach.

Previously, the Stuttgart-based automaker had already set a rather impressive mark of 7:07.55 at the Nürburgring, surpassing the time recorded by a Tesla Model S Plaid by 18 seconds! And as if that mark wasn’t enough, Porsche decided to repeat the feat at the Laguna Seca circuit in California, not far from Monterey.

This time, the super sedan completed a lap of the famous closed circuit in 1:27.87, just moments after breaking the mark for an electric production car at the same venue. Porsche driver Lars Kern wanted to return to the track after admitting he had lost a few tenths of a second on the final corner.

To achieve an electric sedan even more electrifying than the Turbo S, the engineers improved the power-to-weight ratio, but also swapped the impulse inverter for a more powerful and efficient one, thanks to the use of silicon carbide as a semiconductor material for the rear axle. The powertrain now delivers 1,092 hp, a figure made possible for a very short two-second standing start. Under normal circumstances, however, the super-powered sedan must make do with 777 hp. Optimum torque is 988 lb-ft.

The automaker also revealed acceleration times to 200 km/h: 6.6 s or 6.4 s with the optional Weissach package.

The engineers did more than just pump up the mechanicals, as the Turbo GT is clearly prepared for track use, especially when the large fixed spoiler (Weissach) behind is part of the formula. This optional package, in addition to the carbon-fiber spoiler, a material also used on the B-pillars, mirror shells and rocker panels, while the seats are also lightened, as is the cargo area, which no longer offers the option of this soft-closing trunk.

The dynamic package is fitted as standard on this Taycan Turbo GT, which also means revised Porsche Active Ride adaptive suspension for the car, 21-inch wheels wrapped in summer performance tires. Carbon-ceramic brakes are also bolted onto the Turbo GT, the brake calipers being exclusively painted gold for the occasion. The aerodynamic package also incorporates a front diffuser, as well as dispensing with the rear bench seat to save a few extra kilos.

The manufacturer has announced a range of 555 km according to the WLTP calculation method, which also means that the possible distance between recharges will be a little shorter. The first deliveries of this very special model are expected this spring. And since the Taycan Turbo S is getting dangerously close to the $300,000 mark, it’s almost certain that this new Turbo GT will command at least that amount, exclusivity be damned.


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