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News Rivian Looking to Add New Commercial Models to its Offer

Rivian Looking to Add New Commercial Models to its Offer

Rivian will add more commercial models to its lineup, including ones built on the smaller R2 platform.

  • Rivian currently makes a cargo van that is used by Amazon

  • The company’s CEO said he wants to have cargo and work vans on sale in the coming decade

  • Future commercial models could be based on the smaller R2 platform that will be introduced in 2025

Rivian is known for its R1T and R1S electric pickups and SUVs, but its commercial vans are likely the backbone of its product lineup.

Indeed, Rivian developed an electric delivery van for Amazon, which is its largest shareholder, and it now wants to add more commercial models.

In a recent speech, the company’s CEO said he wants to make cargo and work versions of the EDV-700, the official name of the Amazon van.

By work versions, the CEO most likely means vans to be used by businesses for any kind of commercial activities outside of delivery services, such as by plumbers, electricians, mobile mechanics, and other such jobs.

In addition to this, the CEO hinted at possible upcoming commercial models that could be based on the smaller R2 platform that will be introduced with a new SUV in 2025.

Rivian EDV-700 in Amazon livery | Photo: Rivian
Rivian EDV-700 in Amazon livery | Photo: Rivian

The types of those future vehicles have not been revealed yet, but a smaller van is expected and a truck that is engineered for commercial duties could be added since the R1T is more of a lifestyle vehicle.

Developing a range of electric delivery vans available in different sizes could help Rivian compete with BrightDrop, a new company backed by General Motors that has already unveiled two different models of electric commercial vans.

With the electrification of the automotive industry, electric commercial vehicles are inevitable, and a few legacy automakers are already working on their own offerings.

Indeed, Ford has launched the E-Transit and work-oriented versions of the F-150 Lightning, Stellantis will introduce an electric version of the Ram Promaster in 2023, Mercedes-Benz is working on an electric Sprinter and General Motors will have commercial versions of the Silverado EV and Sierra EV pickups in addition to an EV replacement for the Savana and Express vans by the middle of the decade.

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