Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Every New Vehicle Sold in New York Will Have to be Zero-Emissions by 2035

The state is following California’s lead 35% of new vehicles will have to be EVs by 2026 and then 68% by 2030 A number of financial programs will help buyers afford EVs Since California announced its plan to ban new internal combustion vehicles by...

California Asked Drivers to Not Charge Their EVs Days After Passing a Ban on Gasoline-powered Vehicles

California passed a ban on sales of new gasoline-powered vehicles to come in effect in 2035 Days after the new law passed, the State asked drivers to not charge their EV over the Labor Day weekend This is because the demand for electricity...

California Follows Europe by Banning Sales of Combustion-Powered Vehicles in 2035

California emissions standards
Interim targets want 35% of all new cars sold in the State by 2026 to be EVs, up from 12% currently California is the largest auto market in the US and many other states follow its lead in terms of environmental policies At...