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2020 Mazda3 Sport GT AWD Review: The Cheapest Premium Car On The Market

2020 Mazda3 Sport GT reviewvideo
Base price for a 2020 Mazda3 sedan is $18,000. The 2020 Sport starts at $21,300. The tested 2020 Mazda3 Sport GT AWD is a bargain Audi. Refinement, design, and quality for comparatively little money. Mazda, and you might have noticed, stepped outside of the...

2020 Mazda3 Sport GT AWD vs. 2020 Kia Forte5 GT Limited Comparison

These two are variations of the hot-hatch genre. The 2020 Mazda3 Sport starts at $21,300 while the 2020 Kia Forte5 goes for $22,245, in Canada. Both offer added premium touches, but is that what we want in a hot-hatch? As hatchbacks go in North...

2021 Mazda3 GT Turbo AWD Takes Aim At Subaru WRX

2021 Mazda3 Turbo
Pricing starts at $32,900 in Canada. There will be a sedan and a hatchback version. Both will be powered by the turbocharged 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine. This is the news all sporty compact car enthusiasts have been waiting for, or nearly. Yes, Mazda will in...

2020 Hyundai Elantra Ultimate Review: The Value Is In The Basics

Some ten years ago, the Korean giant was teaching old dogs lessons with its Hyundai Elantra. The old dogs learned a lesson or two. Credit must be given where credit is due. By the late 90s, Hyundai had crossed the line between being a novel...