Sunday, June 4, 2023
News Tesla has Apparently Begun Tooling for the Cybertruck

Tesla has Apparently Begun Tooling for the Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck is slowly moving toward production since the company has now begun tooling its factory.

  • The electric pickup is set to be produced at the company’s new factory in Texas.

  • The Giga press used for making the body panels is reportedly already on site.

  • The Cybertruck is currently planned to launch in the middle of 2023, about two years after its originally scheduled release date.

The Tesla Cybertruck could finally be nearing production since the company announced it has now begun tooling for the electric truck.

In its most recent earnings report unveiled by Teslarati, the company marks the Cybertruck’s production status as “Tooling” at the Texas Gigafactory, where has been rumoured the truck would be built for a while already.

The tooling stage is when an automaker buys and installs all of the equipment it will need in its factory in order to manufacture a new vehicle. Due to its unconventional shape and its different materials, the Cybertruck is likely to require many new types of machinery to be mass-produced.

One of these machines is a 9,000-ton Giga Press, which was made by IDRA in Italy specifically for Tesla. This tool will be used to shape the body panels of the company’s vehicles, including the Cybertruck.

Reports say that this body press is already on-site in Texas, alongside two Cybertruck prototypes.

This means that pre-production of the electric pickup could begin soon, thus making it possible for the automaker to meet its expected launch date for the Cybertruck, which was delayed several times to the middle of 2023.

Initially, the truck was said to enter production by the end of 2021. Production constraints pushed back this date a number of times since it was announced back in 2019.

The tooling required for the Cybertruck might not include items related to the production of the battery pack since reports say that Tesla will make these batteries at its Freemont factory before shipping them to Texas.

The same earnings report also confirms a rumour that said the Tesla Semi is being built in a new facility in Nevada, where the automaker marks this product as being in the “Early Production” Stage.

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