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News Tesla now has a truck… and an insane Roadster

Tesla now has a truck… and an insane Roadster

Oops, he did it again. Last night in California, Elon Musk was everything we know Elon Musk to be. He unveiled a ridiculous truck that actually has some pretty impressive specs, and then he topped it off with the new Roadster, the fastest car in the world in basically every way.

If it wasn’t for the Tesla Model 3’s production problems and the fact that the California automaker just posted its worst quarterly loss ever, we’d be very excited. For now, we’ll just take the wait-and-see approach. The idea is not to be cynical here, far from it. But still, let’s get the Model 3 out on the road before we start building roadsters that can reach 60 mph in 1.9 seconds.

Or not. One of Tesla’s greatest strengths resides in its ability to captivate everyone for consumers to investors. Models like the Roadster unveiled yesterday are ultimately useless, but they also allow Tesla to shine far above and beyond any other automaker. That, in turn, means that many end up shrugging their shoulders at things like a Model 3 being off schedule or a financial statement that would have any stock analyst running for the hills.

Yes, the Tesla Roadster is insane

The new Tesla Roadster won’t be out for a few years, but it will probably still be the fastest production car in the world when and if it arrives on the market. We already mentioned how it can get to 100 km/h in less than 2.0 seconds, but we also need to point out that it can reach 400 km/h. It can apparently get you from L.A. to San Francisco without needing to charge, and overall range is announced at 1,000 kilometers.

It will cost $ 250,000 US, and you’ll have to pay right away. Whatever that means, but that’s what Elon said. He also said that it would lay a “hardcore smackdown” on gasoline cars which would then make the driver feel like he or she is behind the wheel of a steam engine… with a side of quiche. Again, whatever that means.

The Tesla truck is also pretty amazing

The point of the evening in California yesterday was to unveil the new Tesla truck, and that’s what we got first. On paper, it’s actually pretty impressive. Range is set at 800 kilometers with a full load, but you can get 640 kilometers after just 30 minutes of charging.

That’s far from what you get with a traditional diesel-powered semi, but the Tesla truck will be a lot more affordable to operate, helping the owner save about 20 percent per mile according to the manufacturer.

Yes, Tesla and Musk did it again. They shocked, they impressed, and that had audiences around the world cheering. They probably also had a few analysts making a mental note to check their stock graphs this morning. The fact of the matter is that no company can really grow if it spreads itself too much, especially not a company that is already losing money and facing production problems.

The thing with Tesla, however, is that it usually finds a way to make it work. And if that “it” is the Tesla Roadster we saw yesterday, then we are all for it.

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