Thursday, June 30, 2022
News Tesla Raises “Full Self-Driving” Price to $12,000 in the United States

Tesla Raises “Full Self-Driving” Price to $12,000 in the United States

Tesla increases the price of its "Full Self-Driving" up to $12,000 in the US

  • This price increase will come in effect on January 17

  • The current price in the US is $10,000 and $10,600 in Canada

  • Elon Musk said to expect more price increases as the system gains capabilities

Tesla recently announced through a tweet from its CEO, Elon Musk, that prices for its “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) option will be increased on January 17th.

This new increase will push the price of this feature from $10,000 to $12,000 in the United States, while the new Canadian price has yet to be disclosed. Currently, FSD retails for $10,600 in the Country.

FSD is a software system that expands on the company’s regular Autopilot by giving the car greater capabilities, such as highway on and off-ramp driving, the ability to overtake slower vehicles and automated highway driving.

Despite its name however, this system is not “Full” self-drving, since drivers still have responsibility over the vehicle and its behavior.

A Beta version was made available to many owners in the last few months in order for the system to gain more experience in different locations.

This Beta allows the vehicle to recognise and respond to traffic lights, as well as taking passengers autonomously to an address entered in the navigation system. In theory.

Since the system is still in Beta, many bugs and errors are still present that cause these vehicles to be unpredictable and somewhat dangerous.

This is why owners and potential customers of Tesla vehicles are disappointed at the news that the price to have access to this unfinished feature will be increased again, especially now that it’s nearing the price of a brand-new subcompact car.

This is following an announcement from Elon Musk that the price of FSD will steadily climb as new features are added in order to reach a value, he estimates at US $100,000 when it reaches full release stage.

In order to justify this massive price tag, Musk claims that Tesla owners will be able to use their vehicle in a robotaxi service that will allow them to receive fares from people hailing their car.

FSD is also offered on a subscription basis, with a monthly fee of $199 in the United States.

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