Saturday, December 4, 2021
News Tesla Raises Model 3 Price, Loses Canadian Incentives

Tesla Raises Model 3 Price, Loses Canadian Incentives

151 km Model 3 gone, price hike for rest

  • New price, dropping compliance model means no Federal incentive in Canada

  • Model 3 and Y prices climb across board

Tuesday night, Tesla raised the price of the Model 3 standard range in Canada. With that price bump, the EV no longer qualifies for Canadian federal EV incentives and is now excluded from those incentives in all provinces except for Quebec. With the price-hike, Tesla has also dropped the Canada-only 151 km incentive qualifier Model 3.

The electric automaker made the change yesterday, increasing the price of the Tesla Model 3 as well as the Model Y crossover. The entry-level to Tesla in Canada was a $44,990 151 km software locked Model 3 Standard Range that allowed the $54,990 438 km Model 3 Standard Range model to qualify for the federal incentive of $5,000, as well as incentives offered in most provinces. According to Tesla’s site, customers trying to order that model as of last week would have been waiting until December of 2022 to get their cars.

The entry-level Model 3 is now that 438 km Standard Range model, with a new MSRP of $58,610. That price allows it to qualify for the Quebec provincial EV incentive of $8,000, as it applies to all EVs with an MSRP below $60,000. Tesla estimates October delivery for that vehicle. If you want to get a Tesla Model 3 sooner, a Long Range dual motor model has an estimate of February, or a Model 3 Performance is expected to have December delivery.

Federal government pages have not yet changed to reflect the car no longer qualifying for the incentive, but Go Electric BC has been updated and Tesla’s own site no longer mentions incentives outside of QC.

Both the LR and Performance models as well as the Model Y Long Range and Performance have seen price increases of $2,000.

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