The All-Electric Cadillac Celestiq Will Be GM’s Luxury Brand’s Flagship Sedan

The final piece in GM’s plans for a flexible EV platform is the luxurious Cadillac Celestiq

  • The big luxurious sedan will be hand built.
  • It will also be sold in limited numbers.

GM revealed some big plans yesterday in relation to its future plans for electro-mobility. Essentially, they’ve devised a flexible platform that will underpin all manners of segments, categories, body styles and vocations. The final piece was the introduction of a new flagship sedan, the Cadillac Celestiq.

This large, luxurious electric land yacht will be hand built, ensuring exclusivity and more than likely, a huge sticker price. The production will be limited and that’s the idea. There are no pictures of what was revealed however we hope the Celestiq will look something like the Cadillac Escala concept which was first shown at the 2016 edition of the Monterey Car Week.

GM President Mark Reuss said: “It’s a dream car for this company and our customers. It’s the ultimate expression of Cadillac design and technology, and the ultimate luxury experience.”

The Celestiq will come after the all-new Lyriq electric SUV. Both will be based on GM’s BEV3 platform and be powered by the company’s new batteries known as Ultium.

These two Cadillac vehicles are part of GM’s strategies to introduce 22 all-new electric vehicle by 2023.


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