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News The BMW XM Concept Previews a Future Standalone M SUV

The BMW XM Concept Previews a Future Standalone M SUV

BMW showed the XM Concept to preview the upcoming standalone M model

  • This model will only be the second BMW to be sold exclusively under the M sub-brand

  • It will feature a 750-horsepower Plug-in hybrid powertrain

  • The styling of the concept previews to production version, but it will probably be toned down before then

BMW hinted at a future model that would only be sold by the M performance division, like the M1 sports car of 1978-1981.

This model, however, will not be a two-door sports car, since it was previewed by the XM concept, an aggressive looking SUV.

This concept shows many elements that will be familiar to people who know BMW’s design language but it pushes it to new extremes, with very large kidney grilles, many sharp angles and huge rear lamps that resemble those found on the company’s sedans.

BMW XM Concept | Photo: BMW

The front-end features very small triangular light which point downwards and two massive kidney grilles that have an illuminated surround to make them visible at night, something that has the benefit of making the XM concept instantly recognisable at night.

From the side, the sharp angles found throughout are used to sculpt the body in a way that makes the vehicle appear lower than it is and gives it a more svelte look.

BMW XM Concept | Photo: BMW

At the rear, the taillights consist of an LED strip that follows a shape similar to the on seen on the company’s sedans and coupes, while the exhaust pipes are stacked on top of another, two on each side in a diamond shape. Two BMW logos are etched in the rear glass, one on each top corner, as a nod to the original M1.

The interior is surprisingly production ready in the front, with most of the switches needed to operate the various systems of the vehicle. The front seats are covered in brown leather, while the rear bench is covered in blue-green velour.

BMW XM Concept | Photo: BMW

The powertrain is said to be a plug-in hybrid system combined with a V8 engine, which should be good for 750 horsepower and 30 miles (48 kilometers) of all electric driving.

BMW XM Concept | Photo: BMW

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