Tuesday, December 6, 2022
News The First Electric Bentley will Have 1,400 Horsepower!

The First Electric Bentley will Have 1,400 Horsepower!

The first electric Bentley will be so quick that passengers could be sick.

Bentley is known for its extravagant cars and even its mid-size SUV, the Bentayga. However, the British automaker must also consider an electric shift if it wants to appeal to its future customer base, a customer base that will be as demanding as the one in 2022.

Automotive News learned in an interview with Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark that the brand’s first-ever electric car would feature a 1,400-horsepower (!) powertrain capable of 0-97 km/h (0-60 mph) in just 1.5 seconds. The problem with this is that this staggering performance can make passengers sick because the acceleration force is so immense. That’s why it will be possible to extend this acceleration time to 2.7 seconds, in order to make the car more comfortable. It’s a Bentley after all!

According to the principal, it’s the incredible acceleration on the highway that will seduce the public who are eager for straight-line performance. This first electric car from Bentley will go into production at the Crewe factory in England in 2025.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known to what category of automobile this first Bentley electric vehicle will belong. Will Bentley dare another SUV or will it opt for a car, a sedan or something sportier like a GT coupe for example? We’ll have to be patient. Bentley is also planning to switch to electric propulsion for the current models. So, we can expect electric versions of the Bentayga, the Flying Spur and the Continental GT.

One thing is for sure, this first Bentley EV will be expensive, just like the Mulsanne, the large limousine that is no longer in production. Adrian Hallmark confirmed that this first electric vehicle will not be a limousine like the now-defunct Mulsanne.

As expected, the first electric Bentley will be based on the Volkswagen Group’s PPE platform, which will be used for many future EVs in the German group’s prestigious divisions.

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