Tuesday, February 7, 2023
News The Fisker Ocean Can Now be Configured Online

The Fisker Ocean Can Now be Configured Online

You can now configure the Fisker Ocean on a very detailed website.

  • The electric SUV is already sold out in the United States for the 2023 model Year.

  • Three trim levels are available since the launch edition was limited to only 5,000 units.

  • The brand’s configurator is among the most complete in the industry.

Fisker has now added a full configurator for the Ocean electric SUV to its North American website, two months after the start of production in Austria.

The website allows buyers to get an idea of the possibilities offered by Fisker notably in terms of colours, interiors, optional equipment, and wheel designs.

This configurator is one of the most detailed from any automaker since it allows users to open every door and the trunk, “sit” in the rear seat, open the charge port, lower all of the windows, open the sunroof, and rotate the center screen. Fisker even allows users to fold the side mirrors and activate the windshield wipers.

Setting aside these novelties, the configurator is useful to get a better understanding of the way in which the Ocean is priced.

Fisker Ocean Sport | photo: Fisker.com

The entry-level Ocean Sport starts at $43,999 in Canada and it comes standard with a front-wheel drive single motor drivetrain and a smaller battery that makes for a range of about 402 kilometres.

The Ocean Ultra adds a dual-motor powertrain and a larger battery for its $63,999 price tag. This makes it faster and gives it a range of around 547 kilometres.

The top-of-the-line Ocean Extreme also adds a solar roof and an even more powerful drivetrain that brings its range up to 563 kilometres in exchange for its $89,999 starting price.

It is important to know that these really are “starting” prices since Fisker asks for a supplement for every paint colour except white, every optional wheel design, and every alternative interior décor.

Fisker Ocean Extreme | photo: Fisker.com

Indeed, customers who want their Ocean painted in any of the thirteen optional colours will have to expect to pay either $2,025 or $6,075 over the base price for any of the three trim levels depending on the hue they choose.

Similarly, all three versions come standard with the same 20-inch wheels with black hubcaps and offer a choice of five different 22-inch alloy designs at prices ranging between $3,915 and $5,130.

Inside, the differences between the trim levels are more evident since the Sport offers a choice of two black interiors, the optional one costing $3,375, while the Ultra adds a white Alcantara design at $6,750. The Extreme makes the optional black interior standard and offers a unique light blue Alcantara in addition to the white interior, for $6,750.

Fisker Ocean MaliBlu interior | photo: Fisker.com

In addition, Fisker offers a series of option packages on the Sport and Ultra that add its Intelligent Pilot driver assistance system, connectivity features, an off-road mode, and heated front and rear seats, among many other features, at prices ranging between $1,745 and $7965.

This makes the Ocean quite pricy when compared to similarly equipped rivals, but this doesn’t seem to have cooled interest in this new electric SUV since it is already sold out for the 2023 model year in the United States.

Fisker Ocean Extreme | photo: Fisker.com

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