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News The Mercedes AMG ONE Becomes the Fastest Production Car Around the Nürburgring

The Mercedes AMG ONE Becomes the Fastest Production Car Around the Nürburgring

The Mercedes-AMG ONE hybrid hypercar is now the fastest production vehicle to have ever lapped the Nürburgring.

  • The famous race track is where many automakers try to beat their competitor’s time.

  • The hybrid hypercar took 6:35.183 minutes to complete a lap of the 20.832-kilometre track.

  • This is a record in both the road-legal production vehicle as well as the super sports car categories.

The Mercedes-AMG ONE hybrid hypercar posted a record time around the Nürburgring in two categories, becoming the fastest production vehicle to ever complete a lap of the famous circuit.

Despite the pavement being wet in some corners, the Hypercar, driven by DTM racer Maro Engel, took only 6:35.183 minutes to round the 20.832-kilometre circuit, making it the fastest vehicle to post a time in the road-legal production vehicles category as well as the super sports car category.

This is in part due to the AMG ONE’s plug-in hybrid powertrain, which is derived from the ones used in Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 race cars.

Mounted behind the driver, a 1,6L turbocharged V6 engine is supplemented by four electric motors in order to deliver a total of 1,063 horsepower to all four wheels via an automated 7-speed manual transmission.

This makes the AMG ONE capable of a 0 to 100 km/h sprint in 2,9 seconds, and a  0 to 200 km/h sprint in only 7,0 seconds while the top speed is electronically limited to 352 km/h.

Mercedes-AMG ONE | Photo: Mercedes

Even with this much power, the electrification of the powertrain allows the AMG ONE to return a combined fuel consumption figure of only 8,7L / 100 km according to European calculations.

The car’s active suspension and advanced aerodynamics are also inspired by F1 race cars in order to offer a similar level of performance in a road-legal closed car.

Since the performance of the vehicle is dependent on the battery’s level of charge, the driver had to adapt his racing style to conserve energy by lifting off the accelerator earlier than usual in some sections or by keeping the speed capped at a lower level than usual for most of the long stretches.

This allowed the full power of the electric motors to push the AMG ONE to a top speed of 338 km/h on the 2,135-kilometer stretch before the finish line.

The time and the records were certified by independent bodies that also inspected both of the participating race cars to make sure they hadn’t been modified when compared to the regular AMG ONE.

Mercedes-AMG ONE | Photo: Mercedes

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