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NewsThe Mercedes-AMG ONE is Now in Production

The Mercedes-AMG ONE is Now in Production

The first customer units of the Mercedes-AMG ONE hybrid hypercar have begun manufacturing.

  • The hybrid hypercar is built in the United Kingdom

  • The manufacturing process includes 16 steps

  • The powertrain is created by the same team that builds the company’s F1 cars

Mercedes-AMG announced today that the first AMG ONE destined for customer sales has rolled off the assembly line.

The hybrid hypercar is a very special product for the brand since it integrates the same technology as the Mercedes Petronas Formula 1 race cars with very few changes.

Since this is a very exotic vehicle, only 275 units will be made available to wealthy buyers all around the world.

The AMG ONE is manufactured in the United Kingdom by Multimatic and its hybrid powertrain is built by Mercedes-AMG High-Performance Powertrains in Brixworth, the same company that engineered it and developed the closely related powertrain used in Mercedes’ race cars.

This powertrain is composed of a tiny 1,6L turbocharged V6 engine paired with four electric motors and a high voltage battery.

Mercedes-AMG ONE production | Photo: Mercedes-AMG

The manufacturing process of the AMG ONE is also inspired by F1 cars, which is why each unit will pass through 16 workstations that each have a specific task to achieve.

For example, the first four stations see the powertrain and the low-voltage electric system be created.

The next two stations see the high voltage system put in place and a test run of the engine and the motors to ensure they are all operational.

The seventh station is where the interior is assembled and station 8 is the first to witness the assembly of the carbon-fibre body panels.

Station 9 is where the front and rear clams are joined to the body, which is finished at station 10.

Mercedes-AMG ONE production | Photo: Mercedes-AMG

In order to make for a perfect alignment, each body panel and many sub-assemblies are test-fitted before being permanently installed. Mercedes compares this procedure to the methods used to create luxury watches.

Station 11 is dedicated to the installation of the wheels and the floor panels while station 12 is where diverse adjustments take place.

Station 13 tests all of the drive modes by putting the nearly complete car on a rolling road and station 14 is where noise, vibration, and harshness tests are conducted.

At stations 15 and 16, every AMG ONE is subjected to a monsoon rain test to spot any leak and a thorough inspection in a light booth to spot any imperfections in the paint.

Of course, there are quality checks after each station to ensure that the work that has just been performed is consistent with the company’s targets.

Mercedes-AMG ONE production | Photo: Mercedes-AMG

After it is completed, each AMG ONE gets a track test by a factory test driver and is then shipped to the automaker’s headquarters in Germany where customers will be able to pick up their new hypercar after having received a technical briefing from product experts.

According to the automaker, using this assembly method ensures the highest quality possible and means that the AMG ONE will meet the expectations of its buyers in terms of workmanship.


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