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News The Next Porsche Cayenne Will Start Production in Bratislava Sometime After 2025

The Next Porsche Cayenne Will Start Production in Bratislava Sometime After 2025

Porsche said the upcoming electric Cayenne will be manufactured in the same plant that built every Cayenne since 2017.

  • The new Cayenne will be the fourth model in the brand’s lineup to feature an electric powertrain.

  • Bratislava is where all Cayenne models have been assembled since 2017.

  • The current model will receive an extensive facelift and will be sold alongside the EV for a few years.

Porsche has just revealed that the fully electric fourth-generation Cayenne SUV will be built at its factory in Bratislava.

This means that the company’s large premium SUV will continue to roll out the same assembly line that manufactured every unit of the third generation which was introduced in 2017.

Porsche also points out that the Cayenne’s link to this factory goes back even further since the bodies for the first generation of the model launched in 2002 were built and painted there before being shipped to Leipzig for final assembly.

Few details are known about the upcoming electric Cayenne, but we now know that it will be the fourth model in the Porsche lineup to receive a fully electric drivetrain.

2024 Porsche Cayenne prototype | Photo: Porsche

This means that it is unlikely to launch before 2025 since the second and third EVs in line are the Macan and the 718, which will launch in 2024 and 2025 respectively.

The automaker hasn’t confirmed this, but the current generation of the Cayenne is expected to continue being sold alongside the new model for a few years to ease the transition to electric power.

This is why the current model is expected to receive an extensive refresh that will be unveiled next month.

A similar strategy will also be employed in the case of the Macan, which will also enter a fully electric generation shortly.

Interestingly, the new Cayenne will not remain the largest and most luxurious Porsche model for long since another electric SUV to sit above it in the lineup has already been announced.

Once it reaches production sometime in 2026 or 2027, this new model will come out of the Leipzig production facility.

The electrification of the Macan and the Cayenne as well as the addition of another electric SUV to the lineup should help the company reach its target of having 80% of its sales be EVs by the end of the decade.

2024 Porsche Cayenne prototype | Photo: Porsche

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