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News The Volvo EX90 Excellence is a Four-Seater Electric SUV with a Fridge

The Volvo EX90 Excellence is a Four-Seater Electric SUV with a Fridge

Volvo aims for the Chinese VIP transport market with the four-seater EX90 Excellence.

  • Volvo unveiled the new EX90 Excellence at the Shanghai Auto Show.

  • Like the previous XC90 Excellence, this model is aimed at buyers who want to be chauffeured.

  • Most sales are likely to come from China.

Volvo unveiled the EX90 Excellence, a new top-of-the-line version of its latest model this week at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Like the previous XC90 Excellence, this new model is a large SUV aimed at buyers who like to be chauffeured around.

This explains why the rear of the cabin has been modified extensively, with the removal of the third row.

This leaves enough space to fit two large bucket seats in the middle row, similar to those installed in front.

Volvo EX90 Excellence | Photo: Volvo

In addition to being heated, these seats also feature a massaging function and loose pillows below the headrest.

What makes the Excellence really stand out from the other EX90 models is the rear center console that includes, among other things, a fridge that can accommodate a large bottle.

Controls between the rear seats include climate and seat comfort settings, but also a large crystal piece which is actually a switch that commands the fragrance diffuser.

Volvo says these features combined with a new mood lighting system give the cabin of the EX90 Excellence a relaxing atmosphere that can be enhanced by the Bowers & Wilkins sound system that was tuned specifically for the four-seat cabin.

Volvo EX90 Excellence | Photo: Volvo

As with other EX90 models, upholstery choices include Nordico, a new material made from recycled plastic bottles, and tailored wool blends.

This comes from the automaker’s decision to discontinue the use of leather in its electric vehicles in an effort to become more sustainable. In the same vein, Volvo assures the wool used in its seats comes from sources certified to be sustainable and cruelty-free.

Also similar to other EX90 models is the onboard technology package. Since the EX90 is the newest and most technologically advanced Volvo model yet, this means that the Excellence benefits from a Lidar sensor for its level 2 driver assistance system.

In addition, the electric powertrain is unchanged, with the automaker claiming up to 650 kilometres of range using the CLTC testing method, which is known to be quite a bit more optimistic than the EPA figures used in North America.

Volvo EX90 Excellence | Photo: Volvo

The other area in which the EX90 Excellence does differ from the rest of the lineup is the exterior design, but changes are limited to unique 22-inch forged wheels and a two-tone paint scheme.

Since VIP transport is a big business there, most sales of the EX90 Excellence are expected to come from China, which explains why Volvo choose to launch it there first.

Pricing and additional details should be announced soon for other world markets, but the company says this version will see limited production, so you might not see one at your local dealer.

Volvo EX90 Excellence | Photo: Volvo

Volvo EX90 Excellence | Photo: Volvo

Volvo EX90 Excellence | Photo: Volvo

Volvo EX90 Excellence | Photo: Volvo

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