Saturday, June 10, 2023
News VinFast Could build an Electric Pickup in the United States

VinFast Could build an Electric Pickup in the United States

VinFast might be looking at building an electric pickup, possibly in the US.

  • The company had filed patent images for a pickup in 2020

  • Since a special tax on imported trucks still applies in the US, this pickup could be made locally

  • The Vietnamese company is about to enter the North American Market with two SUVs

Electric pickups are among the most popular vehicles right now and many new car companies are trying to enter this market, the latest of which could be VinFast.

The Vietnamese automaker made headlines recently when it launched its first two models for the North American market, the VF8 and the VF9 SUVs.

At a recent event, the company’s Chief Service Officer (CSO), Craig Westbrook, hinted at the possibility that his company could launch its own electric truck in the coming years.

This is believable since VinFast had filed patent drawings for a futuristic-looking pickup designed by Italdesign back in 2020. At the time, this vehicle was to be powered by a conventional gasoline engine, but if a VinFast truck arrives at some point, it will almost assuredly be powered by electrons.

VinFast truck patent drawings | Photo: VinFast

An interesting detail is that if VinFast does bring this truck to market in the United States, it will most likely have to build it there in order to have it competitively priced.

This is because of the “chicken tax” which is a law that was passed in the late 70s in order to reduce the demand for imported pickups by taxing them enough so that they were more expensive than domestic products.

VinFast is still a very small player in the market since it has only just arrived, so it will have to prove itself before buyers flock to its vehicles. However, the current frenzy for EVs and especially electric trucks will work to its advantage by bringing in more early adopters.

The company has said very little about this possible pickup but more details could come out in the next few months if it is indeed working on this project.

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