Friday, December 9, 2022
News Volkswagen Could Cancel Plan for New EV Plant: Report

Volkswagen Could Cancel Plan for New EV Plant: Report

VW EV plant in jeopardy as CEO reportedly considering changes

  • Delays and the need for cash put new factory in doubt

  • Reports suggest software systems not ready for new EV

Plans for Volkswagen to spend 2B euros to build a new electric vehicle plant could be in doubt says a new report. The same report suggests that VW could be pushing back several key anticipated electric models to 2030.

Volkswagen CEO Oliver Blume is reviewing the plan for the new plant, reports Reuters. The proposed new plant would build the group’s Trinity EVs, flagships expected to start production in 2026.

Project Trinity, as the new flagship sedan is currently known, will offer a next generation of EVS for the car company. Features like “function on demand” were part of the promise, along with Level 4 autonomous driving readiness.

Instead of the proposed new plant, which would have offered major changes to VW’s production process, the cars could instead be built at other VW plants.

Other concerns raised in the report suggest that the software platform expected to be used in the vehicle has been delayed, possibly pushed back to 2029. This major software delay could play a role in the change of plans for the new factory, as it could then open without a car to build.



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