Saturday, May 28, 2022
News Volkswagen ID.5 GTX Spied on the Race Track

Volkswagen ID.5 GTX Spied on the Race Track

The Volkswagen ID.5 GTX was spied on a German race track. This model has not been confirmed for North America yet

  • It will be a sportier version of the third member of Volkswagen’s ID family of electric cars

  • The ID.5 and ID.5 GTX could reach North America in the future

  • The ID.5 is a coupe-like version of the ID.4

After the ID.3 and the ID.4, Volkswagen is preparing to introduce the third vehicles in its ID. Electric lineup, the ID.5.

The ID.5 will be a coupe-like version of the ID.4 which will feature a lower roofline to give the SUV a sportier look resembling the ID.CROZZ concept on which it is based.

Since it will be a reworked version of the ID.4, the ID.5 will most likely be powered by an 82 kWh battery able to provide around 400 kilometers of range.

The ID.5 was designed with European markets in mind, where regulations are forcing automakers to speed up their introduction of electric models, but it should reach North America later, even if Volkswagen has not confirmed this information.

The ID.5 GTX that was recently spied on a German race track will be a sportier version of the regular model and it should use the same mechanical elements as the ID.4 GTX, meaning it will likely have a dual motor setup producing between 295 and 302 horsepower.

Because the ID.4 GTX is not offered on this side of the Atlantic, the GTX version of the ID.5 could also be exclusive to Europe.

If the ID.5 doesn’t reach our market, the next ID. model to be sold here will probably be the ID.6, which should be a larger SUV based on the ID.ROOMZZ concept and built on the MEB platform. This model could be available here starting in 2022.

Source: Motor Authority

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