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Volvo Returns to the Canadian International AutoShow with the Launch of the EX90

Volvo is bringing its electric and PHEV models to the Toronto Auto Show, marking the Canadian debut of the EX90.

  • The EX90 electric SUV makes its Canadian premiere in Toronto.

  • The brand also showcases its other electric and hybrid SUVs.

  • This is the first time Volvo has been present at the CIAS since 2019.

The upcoming Volvo EX90 electric seven-seater SUV is making its Canadian debut at the Canadian International AutoShow, held in Toronto from February 16 to the 25th.

This is the first time the Swedish automaker has been present at this event, the largest automotive show in Canada, since 2019.

Unveiled back in November of 2022, the EX90 had yet to be publicly shown in Canada, despite sales being set to start toward the middle of 2024.

This new electric SUV will become the brand’s new flagship model, acting as an EV alternative to the existing XC90, its other seven-seater model.

Volvo EX90 | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

The EX90 is not just an electric version of the XC90, however, as it represents the first step in the automaker’s future electrification strategy.

According to Volvo, the EX90 is its most advanced vehicle ever in terms of technology and safety, integrating features that have never been seen in its models before, such as a Lidar sensor and high-performance onboard computers from Nvidia.

Along with the EX90, Volvo is showcasing its other electric and plug-in hybrid SUVs in Toronto, namely the C40 Recharge, the XC40 Recharge, the XC60 Recharge, and the XC90 Recharge.

Visitors will be able to test drive the C40 Recharge and the XC40 Recharge on the indoor and outdoor Test Track.

Once again, the Canadian International AutoShow is hosted at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Volvo EX90 | Photo: Matt St-Pierre


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