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News2024 Ford F-150 Lightning EV Gets New Heat Pump, Other Tech Improvements

2024 Ford F-150 Lightning EV Gets New Heat Pump, Other Tech Improvements

Lightning strikes with 2024 upgrades

  • Vapour Injection heat pump promises better performance

  • Flash trim combines popular features for less

Ford is now taking orders for the 2024 F-150 Lightning. The new model year means new updates, including a new Flash trim, a better heat pump, and more. Along with the new changes comes a slight increase in price.

The company calls the new HVAC system a Vapour Injection Heat Pump System. It’s a Ford-patented system that optimizes its performance in various temperature situations. That should mean better comfort and a better real-world range.

Ford also makes some of its key Tow Technology Package features standard on XLT and higher grades. That includes the smart hitch and onboard scales functions, as well as Pro Trailer Backup Assist, trailer reverse guidance, and a 360-degree camera. Pro Power Onboard, which lets you power household devices from the truck, now works when the truck is “off.”

New for the 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning is a walk-away locking function. It locks the doors when it senses the key moving away from the truck. Ford’s BlueCruise hands-off assistance system will now allow for hands-free lane changes.

The F-150 Lightning Flash is a new trim that combines the extended-range battery with some other high-demand features like the 15.5-inch screen, wireless charging, and intelligent access. Previously, many of those features were limited to higher trim grades of the truck. At $86,995 with a 515 km estimated range, this can offer significant savings over a $99,595 Lariat Extended range.

XLT Standard Range with 386 km starts from $69,995. That’s $995 more than last year, but the 2023 model currently offers an $8,000 incentive from Ford that makes the price gap much greater. The Lariat Extended Range starts from $99,595, and a Platinum truck is $112,495.

2024 F-150 Lightning order books are open, and the trucks are currently on their way to dealers from Ford’s Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Detroit.


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