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NewsNew FLO Home Chargers: More Power, Less Time

New FLO Home Chargers: More Power, Less Time

Reliable Home Charging Options From FLO for a Range of Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicle (EV) market continues to expand, and with it, the necessity for reliable home charging solutions. FLO, a seasoned player in the EV charging industry with over 15 years of experience, has announced the launch of its latest line of home chargers.

Flo Home Charger | Photo: Flo

The FLO Home Charger series, capable of supporting a diverse range of vehicles—from compact crossovers to heavy-duty trucks-incorporates feedback from extensive driver surveys and real-world usage to create a robust product capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of North American climates. According to FLO President and CEO Louis Tremblay, the development of these chargers was significantly informed by user demand for durability and dependable warranty conditions.

Distinctive Features of the FLO Home Charger

Enhanced Durability: Each charger is encased in a high-strength, impact-resistant housing designed to perform reliably under extreme temperature fluctuations and corrosive environmental conditions.

Flexible Cable Design: The 25-foot charging cable is engineered to remain flexible for ease of use and durability, resisting daily wear and tear.

Versatile Connector Options: The chargers come equipped with either the J3400 (also known as NACS or the Tesla connector) or the J1772 connector, accommodating a broad spectrum of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Tailored Installation Options: FLO Home chargers are designed to suit various installation environments, offering multiple wiring configurations, cable management solutions, and pedestal options.

Flo Home Charger | Photo: Flo

Advanced Safety Features: The chargers are equipped with heat sensors in both the vehicle-side and dwelling-side connectors to monitor and prevent overheating, ensuring safety and protection for the equipment and the premises.

Smart Charging Technology: Integration with Wi-Fi technology enables users to manage their charging settings conveniently via the FLO mobile app, allowing for remote control of access and monitoring of charging sessions.

Expanding Product Line to Meet All Needs

FLO Home X3: This model features an industrial-grade thermoplastic enclosure with a 50A/12kW output, designed for everyday use.

FLO Home X6: Offering a detachable cable holster and housed in a robust aluminum enclosure, this premium charger also provides a 50A/12kW output and additional user flexibility.

FLO Home X8: For maximum performance, the X8 model delivers an 80A/19.2 kW output—the highest available for a Level 2 charger in North America—and includes a detachable holster for enhanced convenience.

FLO’s Chief Product Officer, Nathan Yang, emphasized the role of these chargers in safeguarding consumer investments in both vehicles and home infrastructure. The strategic design of these chargers aims to accommodate not only current vehicle models but also future developments in EV technology.

Comprehensive Connectivity and Support

FLO Home X5 Charger | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

The FLO Home chargers integrate seamlessly with FLO’s highly rated mobile app, allowing drivers to schedule charging sessions and manage charger access remotely. For on-the-go charging needs, FLO customers can also access an expansive network of more than 86,000 public chargers across North America.

Arriving on the market this summer, the new FLO Home chargers represent FLO’s ongoing commitment to advancing EV charging technology, providing versatile, safe, and reliable solutions for a growing market.

FLO Home X5 Review

We are currently reviewing a FLO Home X5 smart charger. The robust and user-friendly charger is designed to meet the needs of modern electric vehicle owners. It offers a flexible output range of 6.2 to 7.2 kW and can handle an adjustable output current from 6 to 30 A, supporting a wide array of EV charging requirements. While the new product line can deliver more power faster, the fact remains that many EVs’ onboard chargers are not yet capable of converting alternating current (AC) much above 7 kW. If you own an older or previous generation EV, the X5 will do the job.

FLO Home X5 Charger | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

It includes a 7.62 m (25′) commercial-grade cable equipped with an SAE J1772 connector, capable of enduring over 10,000 charging cycles. The enclosure’s waterproof and corrosion-proof design, along with its IK10 impact rating, underlines its durability. The smart charger’s status is easily monitored via LED indicators for charging and connectivity status, complemented by the app with which the charger can be controlled and monitored. These comprehensive features ensure the FLO Home X5 is a highly capable and reliable charging station for residential use.

FLO Home X5 Charger | Photo: Matt St-Pierre
FLO Home X5 Charger | Photo: Matt St-Pierre
FLO Home X5 Charger | Photo: Matt St-Pierre


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