Wednesday, November 30, 2022
News Amazon will be the First Customer of the Electric 2023 Ram Promaster...

Amazon will be the First Customer of the Electric 2023 Ram Promaster Delivery Vans

Amazon will become the first customer of the electric Ram Promaster. Stellantis and Amazon will also work on in-car software

  • Stellantis is planning an electric version of its largest van

  • Amazon will add this model to its fleet of electric delivery vehicles

  • The number of units bought has not been revealed yet

Amazon and Stellantis announced a partnership that will see the online retailer become the first commercial customer of the electric version of the Ram Promaster van that is expected in 2023.

This model will join the 100,000 Rivian delivery vans in the company’s electric vehicle fleet in order to help the retail giant become more sustainable.

Stellantis recently announced it is working on an electric version of the Ram Promaster, the largest van it produces, but few details about its power and range are currently available.

Amazon did not reveal how many units of this model it plans on buying, but a statement from the company says that Amazon and Stellantis will work together to put “thousands” of electric vans on the road.

The partnership between the two companies doesn’t stop there however, since Amazon will work with Stellantis to develop in-car software, notably for the Digital Cockpit infotainment system that will arrive in 2024, bringing with it Amazon Alexa integration for the voice commands.

This will help Stellantis feature more modern software, but it will allow the automaker to retain control of its infotainment system, unlike Volvo and polestar who have tasked Google to take care of their systems on its own.

The two companies have already worked together, since the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer became the first vehicles to incorporate Amazon’s FireTV. This streaming service is available for the front and rear passengers but a specially designed passenger screen prevents the driver from watching instead of concentrating on the road.

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