Thursday, July 7, 2022
News AMG-badged convertible EV might be in the works at Mercedes

AMG-badged convertible EV might be in the works at Mercedes

Mercedes' AMG division will become a brand focused on electric sports cars, and one of those could be a convertible


  • Mercedes hinted at a future convertible EV for the AMG brand

  • This vehicle would be part of AMG’s transformation into a performance EV brand

  • No timeframe is known for the introduction of this model

Amid stagnating demand for convertibles and roadsters, Mercedes hinted at a future model that could become an AMG cabriolet.

Mercedes-Benz’s chief operating officer, Markus Schäfer, told that even though “it’s not that easy to build a good-looking electric cabriolet” and demand for such vehicles is low both in China and in Europe, the brand is considering a convertible EV in the future.

This vehicle would most likely be branded as an AMG since the company that has been known for tuning Mercedes vehicles for decades is ready to become a brand focused exclusively on producing high performance electric cars in a move similar to the one Polestar executed a few years ago.

The reason given by the company for this decision that doesn’t seem to be very logical given the current market is that convertibles and roadsters are “an emotional product”, one bought by people because they fall in love with it rather than because it is a rational purchase.

These types of products are great at building a brand’s image and even if AMG’s name is already synonymous with high performance and excitement, the move to electric is a major change that could ruffle some of its admirer’s feathers. A halo car would be a good way to make the sceptics change their mind.

Very few other information has been given on this future vehicle, so it is impossible to know when to expect it or even what final form it will take, it could be anything from a grand touring cabriolet to a nimble roadster.

Source: Top Gear

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