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Bentley Makes Bentayga 180 mm Longer, Gives it Better Seats Than Your House

Bentley Bentayga is now enormous

  • Bentayga adds 180 mm to wheelbase, gains Airline Spec seats

  • Bentley expects 45 percent of buyers to pick EWB

Ever since it launched, the one thing we thought that the Bentley Bentayga was missing was size. It just wasn’t big enough. Ok, that’s not what we were thinking, but someone obviously was. Because this is the Bentayga extended wheelbase and it is 180 mm longer than the standard-length crossover.

That makes the 2023 Bentley Bentayga 5,322 mm long, with all of the extra length added between the wheels. It makes for a massive new rear door that provides exceptional access to what Bentley wants to make an even more luxurious space.

How many buyers wanted this? Bentley expects 45 percent of sales to be the EWB model. It only seats five, two less than a standard Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga EWB | Photo: Bentley

The highlight inside is a new Bentley Airline Seat. 22-ways of adjustment including a 40-degree recline. And a business mode that sits you more upright so you can work on the go. And a postural adjustment system that can apply a whopping 177 pressure point changes across the seat surface to make sure you stay comfortable on long drives.

New diamond illumination in the door trim is another highlight, and Bentley has added electric all-wheel steering to make sure this beast can still get around in city centres.

Four + 1 seating is standard, with the two outer rear seats offering 16-way adjust and massage. The middle seat is meant for “occasional” use. There is also Four Seat Comfort with a console between the rear chairs, and a five-seat version that lets you fold the rear row flat for cargo space. (Really?)

If you don’t notice the rear doors, other changes include moving the sunroof, a new grille with a vertical vane design, and 22-inch wheels in a new polished face.

Deliveries start by the end of the year.


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