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NewsBentley Teases the Mulliner Batur, an upcoming Grand Tourer

Bentley Teases the Mulliner Batur, an upcoming Grand Tourer

Bentley teased the Mulliner Batur, a coach-built grand tourer that will preview the brand's future design language.

  • This model will likely be based on the Continental GT

  • Its design will introduce the brand’s new styling language

  • It will be revealed at the end of August in Monterey

Bentley released a small number of teaser images ahead of the launch of the Mulliner Batur, a new coach-built grand tourer that will make its debut during the Monterey Car Week later in the month.

This model will be a successor to the Bacalar, which was unveiled in a similar fashion last year. Like this previous model, the Batur is named after a body of water, Lake Batur in Bali, to be precise.

Similarities don’t end there because like the Bacalar, this upcoming model is likely to be based on the Continental GT and it should have extremely limited production.

Indeed, Bentley only built 12 units of the Bacalar and the Mulliner Batur is expected to add only a few more vehicles to that number.

Despite its very low production figures, this model will be significant for the brand because it will introduce its new design language, which will be used on its electric vehicles later in the decade.

The only detail that can be gathered from the provided images is that the grille will be made of gloss black alternating triangles that are each highlighted by an orange line along their peak.

Since the company hasn’t revealed anything about the mechanical elements of the Mulliner Batur, we don’t know for certain how it will be powered.

If it is indeed based on the Continental GT like its predecessor, this means that it will receive the brand’s 6.0L W12 engine that delivers 650 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque in that model.

More details will be known once the covers are lifted at 8 pm PST on August 20, towards the end of the Monterey Car Week in California.


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