Tuesday, November 30, 2021
News BMW Will Not Buy McLaren; Audi Might be Interested

BMW Will Not Buy McLaren; Audi Might be Interested

Reports about BMW buying McLaren were simply wrong

  • Reports circulated over the last few days that BMW was interested in acquiring McLaren.

  • Audi, for its part, was considering McLaren’s F1 efforts.

Acquisitions and mergers always make for interesting news stories. In this case, rumours and reports from the last few days indicated that BMW was possibly considering buying British Supercar maker McLaren. The reports were wrong.

BMW M8 Competition Edition Pit Lane | Photo: BMW

The initial stories came about stating that BMW was interested in the McLaren’s road car division while Audi was browsing its Formula 1 racing unit. Although BMW’s officially denied the claim, Audi on the other hand is more open-minded.

From Automotive News: “Audi told Reuters that it regularly considers different cooperation opportunities but it did not comment on the specific case of McLaren.”

McLaren was in mild trouble last summer but managed to raise considerable funds from existing investors and new backers.

Rimac and Bugatti Will Henceforth be Known as Bugatti Rimac d.o.o.

We can only imagine what a joint project between BMW and McLaren, or Audi and McLaren, might look like. One recent melding involves Bugatti, Rimac, and a little Porsche. With these three brands driving a new vehicle design, we can only expect great things.

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