Thursday, September 23, 2021
News Built AWD NA Mazda Miata Has Us Dreaming That We Had the...

Built AWD NA Mazda Miata Has Us Dreaming That We Had the Time And Skill

The ultimate modified Mazda Miata now exists thanks to youtuber Gingium

  • Modified Miata’s drivetrain comes from a WRX.

  • The WRX powertrain is also modified.

  • This is probably one of our favorite builds ever.

Built Mazda MX-5 Miata are reasonably common. Their simple design makes them relatively easy to work on. What also helps is that there are a number of tuning houses that have designed kits for engine and suspension upgrades. This build, however, relies on the builder’s know-how and skills, which are considerable. This is the world’s only AWD turbocharged Miata.

1993 Mazda Miata Limited Edition | Mazda

The entire building was documented in a series of videos posted on Gingium’s YouTube channel. During the Holidays, you might have time to watch the entire collection of videos however, if you’re like us, and still working, the 11-minute compressed version of the build is a blessing.

It’s a blessing because we get to see the fabrication highlights, from the front engine cradle and suspension mounts to the roll cage and more. The WRX-sourced engine transplant (with 360 wheel horsepower and equal torque!) is quite an achievement as is fitting the AWD system. We are very impressed with the builder’s abilities.

Modified Mazda Miata | Screen shot via Gingium’s YouTube Channel

The very end of this video shows the AWD NA Mazda Miata driving through a sandpit and participating in a rallycross event. Watching the car drift through a slalom around cones puts a huge smile on our faces.

This is one build we would love to drive.

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