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NewsConsumer Reports: Electric Vehicles are Less Reliable

Consumer Reports: Electric Vehicles are Less Reliable

Electric vehicles are less reliable than average du to the amount of electronic gadgets they have

In its report on brand reliability, Consumer Reports points out that electric SUVs are the worst category in the industry for reliability. However, the mechanical simplicity of electric vehicles tends to say the opposite, especially in the face of hybrid and plug-in hybrid models that combine two types of engines under the hood, unlike pure electric models.

However, the organization is reassuring about the reliability of the mechanical components of these electric SUVs, because the below-average reliability comes from the very complex technological content of these electric vehicles, especially in the infotainment system, but also for other types of on-board technologies.

To demonstrate this trend, Tesla finished second in mediocrity behind Lincoln. The Model Y, for example, was rated “much worse than average” by CR reviewers. Tesla’s other popular vehicle, the Model 3, did not demonstrate exemplary reliability either. It’s worth remembering that Tesla’s latest models don’t even have a gearshift lever anymore; everything is done on the central screen. If the latter stops working, the ride may be a little longer than expected.

Let’s face it, the latest models in the automotive industry – electric or not – have more and more technology on board, and that technology often involves the use of a large touch screen, or even voice recognition, which is not always effective.

Older vehicles didn’t have screens in the center of the dashboard, or even behind the steering wheel or on top with the head-up display, which reduced the number of devices prone to breaking or performing below expectations.

Consumer Reports even reiterated its support for hybrids and plug-in hybrids, saying they were less expensive than gasoline or pure electric vehicles after 100,000 miles (or just over 160,000 km).


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