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NewsDid Toyota Confirm the Arrival of the GR Corolla ?

Did Toyota Confirm the Arrival of the GR Corolla ?

Toyota hinted at a North American version of the GR Corolla

Toyota‘s U.S. division posted a hopeful photo on its Instagram account for pocket-sized performance fans. The post reads that Toyota is inviting people to keep guessing about what’s coming, referring to the Toyota Corolla.

Recall that for the past several months – or since the launch of the Toyota GR Yaris in Europe and elsewhere in the world, at least – rumors have abounded that North America would be getting its own version of the Japanese bombshell. However, instead of bringing a subcompact car to this side of the Atlantic, which is of less and less interest to local consumers anyway, the automaker is reportedly working on a GR version of the Corolla Hatchback, a model that’s already on sale here. In other words, the powertrain of the GR Yaris would end up in a slightly larger Corolla.

The photo posted on Toyota USA’s Instagram account shows just such a popular car’s interior, but with a few crunchy clues like this “G:16” inscription in the instrument gauge behind the steering wheel, a code that points directly to the GR Yaris’ turbocharged 3-cylinder block, the engine that’s called G16E-GTS.

What’s more, in the temperature control, you can read the numbers 2 and 68, a nod to the power of the turbocharged engine that delivers 268 horsepower in the most powerful Yaris in history.

In the navigation screen, the system reads “GR-Four”, another hint that recalls the brand’s all-wheel drive. And then, in the upper right corner, there is a silhouette of a Toyota Corolla Hatchback, or if you prefer, a Toyota GR Corolla.

Let’s just say that this publication has all the elements to start a discussion among enthusiasts. Will Toyota finally release a Corolla that can give the other performers in the segment a run for their money? It would be surprising, after this Instagram post, if the manufacturer changes its mind.

We are currently living the last years of the gasoline car. It is therefore only natural that some performance models are added to the respective lineup of car brands, simply to appeal to this slightly more demanding clientele.


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