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NewsFisker Reveals Additional Details about the Alaska Pickup

Fisker Reveals Additional Details about the Alaska Pickup

More details are now known about the upcoming Fisker Alaska electric pickup.

  • Range could reach up to 547 kilometres according to Fisker.

  • Its size will place it between compact and mid-size pickups.

  • Production should start in 2025 and the base price will be around $45,000 in the United States.

Fisker recently teased its upcoming Alaska electric pickup but the small automaker has now fully unveiled it.

This future model which is scheduled to enter production in the first quarter of 2025 will be unique on the market due to its size.

Indeed, while most electric pickups currently available or in development are full-size models, with the exception of the mid-sized Rivian R1T, the Fisker Alaska will be smaller than all of them, positioned between the compact and intermediate segments.

Since the CEO of the young automaker calls this model the “Ferrari of Pickups”, performance should be impressive and it appears this will be the case, with preliminary data suggesting a 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96 km/h) time of only 3,9 seconds.

Fisker Alaska | Photo: Fisker

While we don’t know about the actual powertrain for the moment, we know multiple configurations will be offered and that even the slowest model will be capable of reaching 96 km/h from a stop in 7,2 seconds.

In addition, we now know that two batteries will be offered, with a capacity of either 75 kWh or 115 kWh. According to Fisker, this will give a maximum range that varies between 370 and 547 kilometres depending on the vehicle’s options.

Unsurprisingly given its small size, the Fisker Alaska is expected to be the lightest electric pickup yet, which should also help it feel more dynamic than its competitors out on the road.

Fisker Alaska | Photo: Fisker

Other ways in which this model will distinguish itself include an electrically operated moveable partition that separates the bed and the cab, similar to the old Chevrolet Avalanche and the upcoming Silverado EV.

This feature should make the Alaska more useable than it might seem by significantly lengthening its cargo bed, from 4,5 feet to 9,2 feet.

Fisker also hinted at a few other quirks that will be found on this model, including the largest cupholder ever installed in a vehicle, a retractable table for the passenger, and a hook for cowboy hats.

Fisker Alaska | Photo: Fisker

In terms of design, the Alaska will share a strong family resemblance with the Ocean electric SUV, the brand’s only model currently in production. In addition, the side profile of the truck is reminiscent of the Hyundai Santa Cruz, another futuristic-looking small pickup.

While rumours said production was to begin late in 2024, this now seems optimistic and the first quarter of 2025 seems more likely.

Fisker has confirmed this model will be manufactured in the United States, a requirement for small pickups in order to avoid the “Chicken tax”, but it hasn’t said who will build it.

Fisker Alaska | Photo: Fisker

Indeed, the company doesn’t have its own manufacturing facilities, which means it has to rely on partners to assemble its vehicles.

The Ocean is currently being manufactured in Austria by Magna Steyr, and the upcoming PEAR small crossover will be built by Foxconn in Ohio.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, it is possible that this last company will also be contracted to manufacture the Alaska pickup.

Source: RPM


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