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NewsRUF Automobile Reveals R Spyder in Monterey

RUF Automobile Reveals R Spyder in Monterey

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

  • Unveiled at Monterey Car Week, R Spyder redefines classic sports car design.

  • Features 4.0L flat-six engine, six-speed manual gearbox, and advanced suspension.

  • Unique design includes central spine, camera mirrors, and carbon-fibre rear hood.

At the annual Monterey Car Week, automotive enthusiasts bore witness to the unveiling of the RUF R Spyder, an innovative reimagination of the classic sports car design. One of its distinguishing features is its unique design approach where both the driver and passenger are wrapped in individual cocoons, pushing the boundaries of conventional automotive design.

The R Spyder doesn’t just stop at its groundbreaking design. Beneath the hood lies a potent 4.0-liter naturally-aspirated flat-six engine, promising an enthralling high-revving experience for aficionados. This powerplant pairs seamlessly with a six-speed manual gearbox, ensuring hands-on, engaging driving dynamics. Enhancing its mechanical profile is a valvetrain equipped with DLC-coated rocker arms and the flexibility of variable intake and exhaust valve timing.

The chassis and suspension design are paramount for any sports car, and the R Spyder excels here too. With a lightweight McPherson-strut at the front and a lightweight five-link setup at the rear, the car promises agility and precision. Furthermore, the carbon-ceramic braking system guarantees optimum stopping power, essential for a car with the R Spyder’s performance credentials.

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A glance at the vehicle’s aesthetics and features reveals the incorporation of a central “spine” that has a dual function: air-intake and a chronograph. Further modernizing its appeal are the fender-mounted camera mirrors, a contemporary replacement for traditional side mirrors. A notable addition is the carbon-fibre rear hood. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it serves functional purposes, coming with a ducktail spoiler, integrated intakes, and a specially designed compartment for helmets.

Designed as a two-seater with an open chassis, the R Spyder is unmistakably dedicated to those who cherish the pure driving experience. The innovative features and impressive specifications affirm RUF’s commitment to blending tradition with modern engineering. This Spyder, without doubt, is poised to turn heads and set new standards in the automotive world.

RUF R Spyder | Photo: RUF Automobile GmbH
RUF R Spyder | Photo: RUF Automobile GmbH
RUF R Spyder | Photo: RUF Automobile GmbH
RUF R Spyder | Photo: RUF Automobile GmbH
RUF R Spyder | Photo: RUF Automobile GmbH
RUF R Spyder | Photo: RUF Automobile GmbH


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