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NewsFord Will Deliver Some Incomplete Explorers

Ford Will Deliver Some Incomplete Explorers

Ford will offer credit to owners who take delivery of their vehicle with missing features

  • This is how Ford will skirt the ongoing microchip shortage.

  • Some Explorers will do without rear climate controls.

  • Features will be made retrofitted at a later date.

You may have seen pictures on the web that show lots littered with brand new undelivered vehicles. For the most part, these vehicles are temporarily “stored” until the automaker can complete the build. The issue remains part supply shortages, namely microchips, but Ford’s decided to stop hoarding the vehicles and to ship them with missing accessories.

In this instance, Ford will send out new Explorers to its customers without any rear heating controls. The panel, at the end and rear of the centre console, will be fitted with a block-off plate. The latter, once parts become available, will be replaced by the control panel at the dealership.

In order to appease the customer, according to the Detroit Free Press, Ford will hand them over some form of credit as they did with F-150 owners who took delivery of their trucks without the star/stop function.

It’s unclear how many 2022 Ford Explorers will be sent to dealerships with the missing commands. Even more difficult to predict is when the global chip shortage will end and when these customers will get the feature installed.


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