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News Here’s What Maintaining a Bugatti Chiron Will Cost Over 4 Years

Here’s What Maintaining a Bugatti Chiron Will Cost Over 4 Years

With an absurd starting price of $2.5 million to buy a base Bugatti Chiron, maintenance costs will be just as insane

  • An oil change will set you back $25,000.

  • A new set of tires will cost at least $8,000.

  • Both need to be done every 16 months or so.

We all own ICE cars or SUVs and have to understand and expect that regular maintenance is part of the ownership experience. Though costs have increased dramatically over the last 10-15 years, nothing comes close to what it costs to run a Bugatti Chiron for four years.

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport | Photo: Bugatti

We remember changing the oil in our own cars for less than $25. 10w30 mineral oil was about $2/litre and a filter was roughly $10. But this amount probably doesn’t cover the cost of a wheel nut on the Chiron.

A Bugatti enthusiast, as reported by CarScoops, investigated these so-called maintenance costs over a four-year period and the amount he came up with is enough to buy a decent family house in the greater Montreal area, or a shed in Toronto and Vancouver. And that amount is roughly $500,000 US.

Bugatti Chiron
Bugatti Chiron | Photo: Bugatti

Other than the $25,000 oil change and $8,000 tires (the better ones are nearly $42,000), wheels need to be replaced at a cost of $50,000. Front carbon-ceramic brakes? Figure about $60,000 for discs, pads, and calipers. Near the end of your 48-month love-hate affair with the Bugatti Chiron, the quad-turbos will need to be replaced for about $26,000. A new fuel tank, engine tuning, and wiper blades ($3,800!!) also need to be considered during this period.

Grand total works out to about $478,000 US.

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