Saturday, January 28, 2023
News It will Cost up to $199 per Month to Lease a Battery...

It will Cost up to $199 per Month to Lease a Battery from VinFast in Canada

VinFast released more information about its battery leasing scheme, including the Canadian prices.

  • VinFast will launch two electric SUVs in Canada this Fall

  • The company is leasing the batteries used in its vehicles

  • A fixed plan and a flexible plan will be available and the prices will vary depending on the model

VinFast will be the first Vietnamese automaker to conquer the North American market in the fall when it introduces the VF8 and VF9 electric SUVs.

This is not the only thing that will make VinFast stand out from competitors, since the company will be the only one to not include the batteries in the price of its vehicles.

Indeed, the automaker will lease the batteries to owners, instead of selling them as a part of the vehicle. Apparently, buyers will be able to purchase the battery after having owned the vehicle for four years.

The company will propose two plans in Canada which will come with a monthly fee, the amount of which will depend of the Model.

For the VinFast VF8, the fixed plan will add $139 per month to the vehicle payment and it will allow an unlimited mileage. Buyers who drive relatively little could find the flexible plan to be advantageous since it comes with a starting price of $39 for 500 kilometers. If this distance is not enough, each additional kilometer will add 9 cents to the bill.

Those who choose the bigger and more luxurious VF9 will have to pay more for the use of their battery. Indeed, the fixed plan will come in at $199 per month and the flexible one will cost $59 for the first 500 kilometer and then 11 cent per additional kilometer.

The monthly fee will also include free replacements when the capacity drops below 70% as well as a battery recycling program.

VinFast says that vehicles ordered this year with the fixed plan will benefit from frozen prices for their whole useful life, no matter how many changes of ownership they go through.

In order to boost early orders, VinFast says that its battery leasing program will be modified in 2024, which probably means that the prices will be increased.

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