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NewsJeep Delivers 5 Millionth Wrangler

Jeep Delivers 5 Millionth Wrangler

Jeep hits 5 million Wranglers sold

  • Wrangler 5m is a 4xe, unimaginable on day one

  • Iconic Jeep delivered in New Jersey

Jeep has just sold its five millionth Wrangler. The lucky buyer of number 5,000,000 will get five grand in Jeep Performance Parts and a lifetime of Jeep Wave customer care.

That figure sounded low to us too, given how immensely popular Jeep is, and that Jeep built loads of vehicles for the armed forces during WWII, but it’s because not every Jeep is a Wrangler. The Jeep Wrangler name bowed in 1986, replacing the Jeep CJ model. About 1.5 million Jeep CJs were built between 1944 and 1986.

The chassis codes have changed over the years, with the YJ, TJ, JK, and now JL each building on the brand’s history, but they’re all Wranglers.

Jeep said that number 5 million was sold in Camden, NJ. It was a 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe 20th Anniversary edition, but we don’t know what colour.

Brand boss Jim Morrison said that 80 percent of all Wranglers sold since 1986 are still on the road. Meaning there’s a better chance than not that number 5 million will be on the road for the model’s 40th anniversary. And for sale number 10m. Which is pretty cool.

No word on what the owner will spend their $5,000 in Jeep Parts on. Whatever they choose, we’d recommend selling this one to a collector and doing the upgrades on a new one. Especially with upgrades like a full floating rear axle on 2024 model-year Wranglers.



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