Saturday, September 23, 2023
News Jeep Shows Autonomous Off-Road Driving For First Time

Jeep Shows Autonomous Off-Road Driving For First Time

Does AV rock crawling still count?

  • Jeep planning self-driving off-roaders

  • Full capability video coming later this year


Jeep is giving us a look at the company’s upcoming autonomous off-road driving tech. By showing off two Grand Cherokee 4xe models that can navigate trails without intervention by the driver.

AI and autonomous driving boss Neda Cvijetic is behind the wheel for the vehicles as they’re taken to Moab for the first time. Though she’s behind the wheel, it is the computer doing the driving. Using a massive array of sensors mounted around the vehicle.

The short clip is equally short on details, but this is an application for autonomous vehicles we haven’t really seen before. We’ve seen self-driving cars try and navigate Silicon Valley traffic, but Moab’s rocks and valleys are completely different.

We’re sure Jeep purists will scoff at the idea, but Jeep brand CEO Christian Meunier is on board. “These advanced off-road driving systems will help more customers in more countries around the world join and enjoy the adventure. These features and technology will have real-life applications on and off the trail in a wide range of driving conditions,” the exec said.

Expect a longer video that showcases the full capabilities of the autonomous off-road tech later this summer.


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