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News Major Investment: Tata Group Plans UK Gigafactory for Electric Vehicle Battery Production

Major Investment: Tata Group Plans UK Gigafactory for Electric Vehicle Battery Production

Tata Group, the conglomerate behind JLR, announces a significant investment to construct a battery gigafactory in the UK, driving the growth of electric mobility and creating numerous job opportunities.


  • Tata Group unveils plans for a battery gigafactory in the UK, signaling a significant investment in electric vehicle battery production.

  • The gigafactory will cater to Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover, supporting their future EV models.

  • This strategic move reinforces Tata Group’s commitment to sustainable transportation and job creation in the UK.


Tata Group has made a momentous announcement regarding its plans to establish a battery gigafactory in the United Kingdom, signifying a substantial investment in the country’s electric vehicle industry. This strategic move aims to bolster the growth of electric mobility and renewable energy storage solutions while generating numerous job opportunities.

Introducing the 2024 Range Rover Sport SV Edition One | Photo: Range Rover

The gigafactory, marking Tata Group’s first venture of this kind outside of India, will focus on the production of high-capacity battery cells required for EVs. This significant investment underscores the conglomerate’s commitment to supporting the transition towards sustainable transportation solutions in the UK and beyond.

Tata Group’s gigafactory will serve as a key supplier for Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), catering to the battery cell demands of future EV models across their iconic brands such as Range Rover, Defender, Discovery, and Jaguar. The establishment of the gigafactory will contribute to the expansion of electric vehicle production capacity, meeting the increasing demand for clean and efficient transportation.

Jaguar Land Rover New Logo | Photo: JLR

Anticipated to commence operations in the near future, the gigafactory will have an initial production capacity of several gigawatt-hours of battery cells annually. This significant output will enhance the UK’s position as a leading player in the global EV market and contribute to the nation’s renewable energy goals.

2019 Jaguar XJ | Photo: Jaguar

While the exact location of the gigafactory remains undisclosed, reports suggest potential sites in various regions of the UK. The selection of a suitable location will take into consideration factors such as accessibility, proximity to existing automotive facilities, and the availability of skilled labor.

Tata Group’s decision to invest in the UK’s EV battery production sector underscores the nation’s attractiveness as a hub for cutting-edge technology and innovation. This significant venture is expected to create a substantial number of jobs, fostering economic growth and skill development in the region. Moreover, it reflects Tata Group’s long-term vision to establish a competitive and sustainable green tech ecosystem in the UK, contributing to the nation’s clean energy transition.

By establishing the gigafactory, Tata Group will play a vital role in expanding the UK’s EV manufacturing capabilities, addressing the increasing demand for electric vehicles, and supporting the nation’s ambitious environmental targets. This significant investment signals Tata Group’s unwavering commitment to driving the growth of electric mobility, while simultaneously fostering job creation, innovation, and economic prosperity in the UK.

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