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NewsNo Driving With This Bentley Collaboration

No Driving With This Bentley Collaboration

Bentley gets boozy

  • This is one of the best bottles ever crafted

  • If you want this Bentley, you’d best leave it in the boot

Maintaining a luxury brand is a lot more than just building high-end vehicles for the one percent. In today’s market, offering a complete luxury brand experience is crucial. It’s also a great place to bring in some extra cash. We don’t care about any of that, because this is absolutely fabulous. A horizontal bottle designed to hold single malt whisky.

The Macallan Horizon is both the bottle and the dram that Bentley and The Macallan, makers of single malt scotch, have created, and while we probably won’t taste the tipple, we can certainly admire photos of the new bottle.

A work of art on its own, the Horizon bottle is meant to be kept horizontal. It’s a groundbreaking new idea, but there is more to it. The design includes recycled copper, reused wood, recycled aluminum, and low CO2 leather. All handcrafted together to create this masterpiece.

At the center is the hand-made glass bottle complete with a 180-degree twist. The two call it a representation of “the mastery of space and time” they have achieved. The 3D structure includes that recycled copper, taken from The Macallan’s old stills and the aluminum comes from Bentley vehicle production in Crewe.

All that’s missing is the single malt.

Bentley didn’t have much to say about that one, and neither did The Macallan. We’ll have to wait for next year, but expect it to be a good one. And an expensive one.



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