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NewsNo New Chevrolet Bolt EVs Until April 4: Report

No New Chevrolet Bolt EVs Until April 4: Report

Bolt and Bolt EUV under stop sale until battery recall complete

  • Bolt EV production stopped so recalled customers can get fix first

  • Expects to resume production of Bolt EV and EUV in April

Chevrolet Bolt EV buyers could need to wait a few more months to get their hands on GM’s only current EV models. GM said today that production of the Bolt and Bolt EUV won’t be restarted for another month and a half as the automaker works to fix the defective batteries that have already been recalled.

The Orion Township factory building the Chevrolet models has been shut down since last summer, though it had a brief restart late last year. Now, The Detroit Free Press reports, the plant won’t reopen until April 4th to start building new Bolt EV and EUV models.

An unusual move for a high-demand vehicle, GM stopped production of new vehicles so that it could get existing Bolt models under recall for a battery pack issue fixed more quickly. A move likely appreciated by customers, if not the company’s bottom line.

“Our unprecedented decision to idle Bolt EV and EUV production over the past months has enabled us to prioritize battery module replacements,” said GM spokesman Dan Flores. “As a result, we’ve made replacements available to Bolt EV owners who were in our high priority groups.”

A defect with LG Chem batteries in already-built cars lead to 18 suspected fires globally and a recall on all Bolt EV and EUV vehicles from model years 2017-2022. That covers around 140,000 vehicles. Software updates for the cars have been offered as a temporary fix while GM builds the new battery packs.




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